Bees need blossoms


Our landscapes have become colourless and lifeless.

Photo: Bienenschutzgarten 

We need to help our countryside to blossom and flourish again: for bees, bumble-bees, Butterflies etc. as well as for us!

Photo: Rieger-Hofmann
Bees, bumblebees, butterflies etc. are essential for the preservation of our biodiversity.

Approx. 80% of our native flowering plants rely upon them for their pollination. However, our landscape, which has been created over thousands of years, with its variety of plant species, has changed dramatically during the last few decades. Wild herbs have almost been eradicated; flowering meadows are now rare, and instead of a varied diversity of flowers in our gardens and parks, we now have lawns and ornamental gardens. Traditional native fruit varieties are scarce or no longer exist in most regions.

And bees are endangered by modern fruit growing processes by intensive pesticide and antibiotic use.

And today where do our bees and other flower pollinating insects find their nutrition?

The answer is: The food supply is becoming increasingly scarce and in many places it is no longer sufficient. Bees are now starving in the middle of summer!

This situation needs to change, we are doing our bit to secure the future of the bees, join us!