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Gunther Hauk: "The crisis is a huge opportunity"

Posting date 09.11.2013

Bienenschutzgarten has been inspired from the very beginning by Mr. Gunther Hauk, co-funder and director of Spikenard farm, a biodynamic and organic honey bee sanctuary.

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Bee Sancutary started crowdfunding

Posting date 16.10.2013

Together we can create a natural environment for honey bees to live in, where they will find sufficient food again, free of pesticides, with a plentiful and diverse range of nectar and pollen.

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Peter Simonischek reading for bees

Posting date 27.06.2013

A reading of Maurice Maeterlinck’s book“The Life of Bees" which gives us a unique insight into the fascinating world of bees, performed by the renowned Austrian actor Peter Simonischek. 
Maurice Maeterlinck was a botanist, a beekeeper and a Nobel Laureate.
The reading is available in German lanugage only!

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A small reprieve for the Bees

Posting date 26.06.2013

On Wednesday the Agriculture Committee placed a partial ban of three neonicotinoids clothianidin, imidacloprid and Thiametoxam.

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