Honey that comes from our bee sanctuary is very precious, due to the fact that we only harvest a small amount from our hives. The labels for these jars of honey are designed by artists exclusively for the bee sanctuary. This program promotes the work of our bee sanctuary and our cooperation together creates a natural product of high quality, in original designed containers.

The painter CÄCILIA FALK, who lives and works in Vienna, created the first labels for the bee sanctuary. She was inspired by the natural world of the bees, and especially by the old beekeeper hives, this influence can also be seen in several of her paintings.

These jars of honey can be purchased individually or in a set of 14 jars from our online shop. All proceeds benefit the bee sanctuary


Cecilia Falk
14 pictures for the bee sanctuary
Technique: Gouache on paper, potato printing
Vienna 2012

The original paintings can be purchased directly from the artist.