Little bees Club

Beenie’s Bee Hive


Hello my name is "Beenie" and I am a small, black and yellow honey bee. I live together with lots of my friends and our queen bee in a bee hive, which is in the forest. We are excellent builders and have built our own home. Inside our house it is large, yellowish and waxy, have you ever seen inside a bee hive or perhaps do you have an idea of what it looks like?

 As you probably know, we are always busy, but not just for ourselves, we also help people. We supply the honey for you to put on your bread or in your tea and we pollinate the flowers and plants, so that you can enjoy lots of juicy tasty fruits, but we also do lots of other important jobs to help keep mother nature in balance.

 Now, however, it’s up to you and your friends!

 Write us a wonderful, funny story about how you think that a bee lives, and tells us how you imagine the life of a hard-working honey bee.

 And we would love to see your lovely bee art or any bee pictures you drew or painted!

 In the summer holidays, we will be looking for the best story, and the winner will receive a great prize and their story will be posted on our website.

 I'm looking forward to reading your fantastic mails!

 Send your mails to

Bye for now. Beenie