Beenie’s updates!


The Bee Sanctuary is starting a honey bee / Blossoming landscape program.

You can receive, for a small donation, a packet of seeds at any of our organized events or you write us a mail.    You will be able to start your own littel bee pasture with these colourful seed mixes.

When you plant our seeds, you need to give them water every day and have a little patience, and then you will enjoy the colorful blossoms of sunflowers, bellflower, wild marjoram, and many others. These flowers will supply the bees and all of their friends, such as the bumblebees and butterflies all the pollen and nectar they need to survive!

Join Beenie’s club?

The kids in Beenie’s club want to save the busy little bees.

Beenie’s kids have fun drawing and creating fantastic art and pictures for the Beenie club, some kids tell us wonderful stories they have written or post photos that they have made about the busy little bees.

All of your fantastic artwork will be shown on our website and other bee friendly children will read your exciting bee stories.

If you would like to join, then just login with one of your parents!