by Ian Stell

There is alot to a bee.  They are able to memorise large areas and find their way home, unfailingly, despite a brain that would hardly cover a pinhead.  They work co-operatively in large colonies, communicate information and make collective decisions. They engineer perfectly uniform hexagonal cells and manage these efficiently for brood rearing or food storage depending on the needs of the season. And each new bee emerges equipped with an impressive range of tools for the tasks required in its short but busy life. This amazement only increases when we look at the details of a bee more closely with a microscope. 

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by Maurice Maeterlinck

Maurice Maeterlinck was a famous writer who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1911. He also was a passionate bee keeper with an extensive knowledge of bees.  His book The Life of the bees was published in 1901 and was translated into many languages. It still is appreciated very much by todays bee keepers.  His book is a conscientious and intimate study of bee life, their complex social behaviour and the mysteries inside the bee hive.

We highly recommend this beautifully written book about bees to anyone who wants to get a "bee's-eye view" of the most orderly society on Earth.


by Gunther Hauk

In this book, Gunther Hauk "invites the reader to experience the innate intelligence and wonder of the natural world." In addition to being a guide to the care and protection of the honeybee, that invaluable member of our life sustaining agroecology, this popular text demonstrates how the ills plaguing our honeybees proceed from the ills in our manner of living and doing business.Recently reprinted due to popular demand, this life-ennobling book could just as easily be titled "Toward Saving our Humanity!" (product description by Spikenard Farm)


by Michael Weiler

The author and bee keeper has been observing and studying the world of the honeybees for over thirty years. His book is more than just a book for bee keepers. He invites everybody who wants to learn about these faszinating insects and takes his readers on a journey through all aspects of a bee´s life and work,  reveiling many of their secrets inside the bee hive.  His book also offers an approach towards successful biodynamic bee keeping.

MORE THAN HONEY - the film
by Markus Imhoof 

All over the world bees have been massively dying for the past years.  Colony collaps disorder has shown that there is more at stake than just a few dead insects. Markus Imhoof´s documentary film is seeking reasons and answers for the global decline of the honeybees. With enchantingly beautiful but also disturbing pictures  this film tells us about the live of the bees and the threats they are facing in our modern world. 

More than honey has had a remarkable cinema and festival career since its premiere in August 2012 and has received a number of awards.