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Gunther Hauk: "The crisis is a huge opportunity"

Posting date 09.11.2013

Bienenschutzgarten has been inspired from the very beginning by Mr. Gunther Hauk, co-funder and director of Spikenard farm, a biodynamic and organic honey bee sanctuary.

Mr. Hauk has been a renowned beekeeper, teacher, lecturer and biodynamic gardener for more than thirty-five years. He is the author of "Towards saving the honeybees" (see Books & Films).

We thank Mr. Hauk for his motivating statement which we would like to share here -

"Actually, every human being should show the greatest interest in this subject, because much more than you can imagine, our lives depend upon beekeeping"  (Rudolf Steiner, 1923).   Steiner predicted that we might lose the honeybee within a hundred years if we mechanize natural processes like queen raising.  This situation is very close to becoming true.  The crisis is a huge opportunity to change our exploitive ways. At this point it should be forbidden to ask a beekeeper how much honey he got from the bees!  Now we have to ask what THEY need in order to regain their health.
A Sanctuary and educating the public is a good way to start helping the bees.
With best wishes for your project, 
Gunther Hauk
Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary
Floyd, Virginia

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