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Initiative Bee pastures and Blossoming landscapes

Posting date 16.05.2013


Our aim is to create 60.000 m² of bee's pasture in Austria in 2013.


The Bee sanctuary opened the started the initiative on the 24th May 2013 in Vienna with a presentation concerning the situation of the domestic honey bees and a presentation of our non-profit organization and all of its work.

Our seed mix packs were popular in Vienna, and we have been informed that the wonderful blossoms are already brightening up gardens in Vienna.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the opening, and for your interest and willingness to promote our bee sanctuary.

Missed out on our seed mix packs, don’t worry you can still purchase them online. Using our mix of seeds from wild and cultivated flowers in your garden, you can create your own sanctuary for bees and other insects.

Our specially selected seed mix will brighten up your garden with colourful blossoms and deliver pollen and nectar during the whole insect season to the bees, bumblebees and butterflies. The mixture contains marigold, sunflower, meadow sage, wild marjoram, cornflower, bugloss and Rampion and many more. All donations which we receive for our bee pasture seed mix packs will be invested 100% in our Bee Sanctuary.

We would like to thank the sponsors, partners, members and friends of the bee sanctuary for your support!

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