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A small reprieve for the Bees

Posting date 26.06.2013

A large swarm of bees (photo: Bienenschutzgarten)

On Wednesday the Agriculture Committee placed a partial ban of three neonicotinoids clothianidin, imidacloprid and Thiametoxam.

The ban of these insecticides, which are highly toxic to bees, should be extended to three years and also include insecticides used on winter cereals according to a minority from the committee. A Total ban of three neonicotinoids did not receive enough support.

The committee’s amendment is an important first step in helping the bees, but other steps must follow, for it is only through a ban on all insecticides that are harmful to bees, that bees can be protected effectively and permanently. Meanwhile, the European Food Safety Authority is also researching the effects of the insecticide fipronil, with a view to classifying it acutely hazardous to honey bees.

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