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Bee Sancutary started crowdfunding

Posting date 16.10.2013

Together we can create a natural environment for honey bees to live in, where they will find sufficient food again, free of pesticides, with a plentiful and diverse range of nectar and pollen.

With "crowdfunding" we will be able to finance and create the first large protected landscape for our honey bees. Therefore we ask you for your support!

As a Bee Sanctuary supporter you will receive from us one of our various kinds of thank you gifts. Our thank you gifts will depend on the amount you have pledged.

Just 5 € can help support our Bee Sanctuary, with our nonprofit work for the benefit of the bees.

You can register for free by clicking on our link and select directly how much you would like to pledge and which thank-you gift you would like to receive.

Help us make a better future! Your contribution will provide the bees with a protected
living environment once again!

Help us protect the bees, to ensure a better future for our own children!

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