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Peter Simonischek reading for bees

Posting date 27.06.2013

A reading of Maurice Maeterlinck’s book“The Life of Bees" which gives us a unique insight into the fascinating world of bees, performed by the renowned Austrian actor Peter Simonischek. 
Maurice Maeterlinck was a botanist, a beekeeper and a Nobel Laureate.
The reading is available in German lanugage only!



 It is one of the most beautiful books ever written about bees, "a thoroughly observed philosophical look into the world of bees and beekeeping. It is written in a style that is heartbreakingly beautiful and often stirring. It is never speculative, but written with a deep respect for creation" (Hartmut Ebert, beekeepers forum).


The Bee Sanctuary would like to thank Mr. Simonischek for this wonderful reading.

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