Our Bee Sanctuary is researching ways in which we can successfully put sustainable, biodynamic beekeeping into practice. 
Our main concerns will be:

tl_files/bienenschutzgarten/userdata/sechseck_biene_d_signwerk/biene_gelb.pngThe bee hive as an organsim. Closely observing the bee’s behaviour, when they leave for pollen collecting, when they return, their behaviour in the hive and how they behave in the direct environment around the hive.

tl_files/bienenschutzgarten/userdata/sechseck_biene_d_signwerk/biene_gelb.pngMaking sure that our beekeeping is based on the needs of our bees (building of natural honeycombs, natural swarm propagation as the basis of reproduction and regeneration, and the relationship between the Queen and her workers, etc.)..

tl_files/bienenschutzgarten/userdata/sechseck_biene_d_signwerk/biene_gelb.pngMaking sure that our hive construction meets the needs of the bees for necessary hive warmth, hive odour and micro fauna.

tl_files/bienenschutzgarten/userdata/sechseck_biene_d_signwerk/biene_gelb.pngWe will study and put into practice ecological methods for treating bees infected by the Varroa mite, or any other parasites. At the heart of our work, however, is the health and vitality of our bees. Viruses, bacteria and fungi preferentially attack an already weakened organism.

tl_files/bienenschutzgarten/userdata/sechseck_biene_d_signwerk/biene_gelb.pngThat our bees enjoy a successful undisturbed hibernation, without having to be fed supplements of sugar water and/or high fructose corn syrup.

tl_files/bienenschutzgarten/userdata/sechseck_biene_d_signwerk/biene_gelb.pngProducing biodynamic supplements for our bee sanctuary to promote healthier and more vital bee pastures.

tl_files/bienenschutzgarten/userdata/sechseck_biene_d_signwerk/biene_gelb.pngExchanging experience and networking with existing research initiatives and projects.


Our objective is to produce healthy and strong bee colonies that can successfully defend themselves, without the use of chemicals or organic acids, against the Varroa mite and/or other pathogens.

The research carried out in our bee sanctuary should help to gain a deeper understanding of the essence of honey bees and their needs.

IIn understanding and respecting the bee’s needs, we can make good the damage that was done to the bees in just one century through manipulative beekeeping and industrial agriculture.