Bee Friend

Photo: Bienenschutzgarten


Become a Friend of the Bees! When you sponsor one of our beehives or one of our fruit trees you will be giving at least 70 000 bees your friendship and support.

Your support can make a big difference!

Bee hive sponsorship

When you sponsor a hive, you will be covering the costs for the care of a bee hive inside the bee sanctuary. This will ensure your adopted bees, may live and prosper as healthy and natural as possible.

Any research made by us in our bee sanctuary will only be performed to serve the rehabilitation and welfare of the bees; we will make no claim to the bees honey yield.

However, once a year you will receive, in a jar, a piece of fresh organic honeycomb directly from your sponsored bee hive, a small thank you from your adopted friends.

Hive sponsorship costs 60€ a year, we would also be delighted to offer extended sponsorship, if you would like to sponsor your bees for more than one year.

Make someone special happy, by giving them the gift of a bee friend sponsorship. Present that special person with our beautiful  Bee Sanctuary gift card 


Photo: Bienenschutzgarten

Orchard tree sponsorship

You can also help create an orchard by sponsoring an orchard tree; your sponsorship money will be used to purchase and maintain a three to five year old, traditional variety fruit sapling.

A naturally blossoming fruit tree that has not been treated with insecticides or any other chemical treatments, will offer bees a safe haven and enough pollen and nectar to be able to sustain their colony.

You can feel safe with the knowledge that any bees that visit your sponsored tree will be unharmed and allowed to continue working busy as a bee.

As an orchard tree sponsor, you are invited at harvest time to join us here on the bee sanctuary and try the delicious fruits from your very own tree.

Orchard tree sponsorship costs 45€ for a three year period, we would also be delighted to offer extended sponsorship, if you would like to sponsor your tree for more than three years.

Give a gift that lasts and has meaning in its very roots, by presenting someone with an orchard tree sponsorship. Present that special person with our beautiful  Bee Sanctuary gift card