Little bees Club

How can you help the Bees?


It is really important that you try to help the bees and their friends, or they could lose their homes, the bees need your support and you can help the bees, alone or together with your parents, grandparents or friends.

You can start to help the bees at home in your own back garden, where together with your parents you can create your own bee pasture, and if you are really serious about helping the bees, then you might even consider building your very own bee hive, where you will be able to make sure everyday that your bees are getting the support and protection they need to survive.

If you have quite a big garden, then suggest to your parents not mowing a piece of the garden so often and letting the grass grow. Your dad will certainly be glad and this will help save the lives of the little bees.

Together with your grandparents you could build an insect hotel. This is really good fun and looks great too.

Collecting snails and bringing them to a large meadow, is something you could do alone or with friend or even your brothers and sisters?

On particularly hot summer days you can help the bees, by placing some fresh, clean water in a container outside or in your garden.

Most important though is that you tell your friends, family and parents as well as your teachers about how important bees are, and discuss with them what you can do together to help the bees.

If you have any other ideas to help the bees, then you can always write to us and let us know your great ideas, just click the link.