Our mission is to protect the honey bees through the creation and preservation of natural habitats. Giving the bees and other endangered pollinators a chance to thrive and heal.

Furthermore, we will devote ourselves to raising awareness, teaching and researching ways to promote sustainable and biodynamic beekeeping aimed at creating a brighter future for the bees.

Since we started working as beekeepers we have been inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, and his knowledge gives us an ever-growing awareness of the needs and living conditions of the honey bees.

Most beekeepers ask the question "What is the maximum yield that I can expect from my bees?" we ask ourselves a fundamentally different question. "What do the honey bees need to remain strong and healthy, as well as withstanding the onslaught of harmful influences?"

Our Bee sanctuary will provide the bees with a pollen and nectar rich environment and a completely natural habitat. Here the bees will be able to develop freely according to their nature, safe from the exploitation and ill-experimentation, which will be used as long as it’s possible to supply the beekeepers with their maximum profit.

The bee sanctuary should also motivate, equal minded people, to build together with us protected landscapes in which the bees can once again return to their former healthy vigour and vitality.

It will be a place where people animals and plants, can interact together being ever mindful, of the care, protection and recovery of the bees.