Hi! I´m Luna. I am 6 years old. I love swimming which I do often with my sister Kim. I also like horseback riding - even on big horses. And I like drawing. This is my most beautiful bee picture.

Tinker Bee


Ricarda (4 years old) and  Nicolaus (2 years old) handicrafted this sweet bee. Before starting they very carefully watched the bees in the garden. They call their bee Tinker bee.

The little Tinker bee would be very happy if more tinkerbees join her. 


Hi!  My name is Lilian and I go to school at SIP Knallerbse. I love animals and nature and I´m a vegetarien. I also love dancing, singing and running. In school I tell my girl friends about the bad situation, our bees are in and now weare doing a school projekt on bees. 
Here are some bee drawings I did together with my girl friends. 


Hi! I´m Holly and I go to school at SIP Knallerbse. My hobbys are basketball, HIP HOP, drawing, shopping, skiing and riding unicycle. I am vegetarien and a fan of animals. Right now  I am working on a story about Michelle, who lives on a farm in the United States together with her father, who is also a bee keeper.


My name is Sheela and I also go to school at SIP Knallerbse. I love playing with my grandparents´s tom cat Doro. I love animals so much that I rather don´t eat them. My hoppies are climbing, drawing, swimming, riding unicycle and bobsled. In school I tell my girl friends about the bees and that we must help them.
I want to help my dad when he starts bee keeping.
These are my bee drawings and on the picture you can see the candles I made from bee wax. 


Hi, I am Benjamin and I am 5 years old. 
I really love to do silly stuff with my brother Daniel. 
Can you find the bee on my drawing?