We have founded our Bee sanctuary and are confident that our efforts will help insure that a brighter future for the bees is possible.

Please support us in purchasing this place!

As a location for the development and construction of our Bee sanctuary, we have found the perfect place: a farm with large meadows for the cultivation of bee pastures, adjacent to a nature reserve and an extensive natural forest as well as a natural water source, where the bees will find in any season, enough water to support themselves. 

The surrounding countryside is a safe distance away from fields which will be worked on with pesticides, or contain any harmful crops such as, genetically modified corn or canola, pickled corn or potato fields, or where the harmful pesticides containing neonicotinoids will be used.

his location is exceptionally good for our bee research program, while providing an attractive infrastructure for the development of a biodynamic beekeeping centre. It is easily accessible and yet far away from highways. The farm offers all the prerequisites for the Bee Sanctuary to be a safe place for bees, bumblebees and butterflies. And from this base for our Bee Sanctuary, we will be able to work on and promote other Bee sanctuaries, and protection zones in the surrounding landscape.


We trust that with your generious help we will successfully collect the money we need for the purchase. 

The Bee Sanctuary shall be a beautiful oasis of peace, joy and community;  a place where we learn about bees and ourselves.

Our honeybees need protection right now!  Bee sancturaries save and protect their life. 

Please help!